Volvo Car Georgia offers customers a discount of up to 35,000 Georgian lari on the Volvo XC60 and XC90

Volvo Car Georgia offers customers a discount of up to 35,000 Georgian lari on the Volvo XC60 and XC90

Volvo Car Georgia is offering an unprecedented discount to customers of the premium Swedish brand. Discount applies to Volvo Hybrid models, Volvo XC60 and XC90. Under the current offer, users have the opportunity to enjoy a discount of up to 35,000 GEL.

Plug-in hybrid models are often called “plan-back electric cars” because they have electric and internal combustion engines. If the electric motor is charged, the car will automatically switch to the internal combustion engine, ensuring a smooth drive on long trips.

Torniki Ekashvili, Head of Sales, Volvo Car Georgia: “The XC90 and XC60 are Volvo’s best-selling models and are equipped with state-of-the-art safety and driver assistance systems. One of the main advantages of the hybrid versions is that it is possible to travel 70-80 km with the electric motor when fully charged. Models vary in size. The XC90 is the largest seven-seat family SUV in Volvo’s lineup, while the XC60 is a midsize SUV. We offer customers a variety of options: Core, Plus, and Ultimate. They differ in internal and external details. A specific vehicle is chosen according to the customer’s desires and needs.”.

Photo: Volvo

The XC90 T8 Plug-in Hybrid is one of Volvo’s most eco-friendly models, which follows the entire Volvo concept and cares more about the environment with its great features. The enhanced engine of this model has a power of 462 horsepower, which means that according to this data, the car can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers in 5 seconds. The seven-seater family model is equipped with modern safety systems.

The XC60 Hybrid is a midsize SUV that’s considered the best family model due to its size and comfort. The model is distinguished by modern, high-quality audio equipment, expressive design and various colors.

Photo: Volvo

The XC90 and XC60, as well as the brand’s other newer models, are designed with simple, elegant Scandinavian design. Both models are equipped with the highest standards of safety and driver assistance systems: Pilot Assit, automatic emergency braking, 360-degree camera, cabin air cleaning technology and more. Google systems are integrated into every model, through which the driver can access digital services such as Google Assistant, navigation via Google Maps and a wide range of applications from Google Play from the central screen.

Customers can purchase the Volvo XC90 and XC60 at the Volvo Car Georgia showroom. You can view 360-degree models and register for a test drive on the company’s website.

In one of the trends of Tegeta Holding, the listed company of Tegeta Cars, Volvo Car Georgia has been representing the Swedish brand in Georgia since 2019. The company is the official importer of luxury cars. The company offers its customers SUVs, sedans and station wagons, including hybrids and the latest models with internal combustion engines. In addition to the showroom, the customer has the opportunity to use the company’s digital store, to evaluate the car remotely on the company’s website in 360 degrees, and with the help of the configurator, to assemble the desired collection model to his own taste, which will be delivered by Volvo Car Georgia.

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