Volvo EX30 will be available as a Cross Country version next year

It will be Volvo’s first electric cross-country vehicle and the first Volvo SUV to be offered in this model.

Volvo EX30 Cross Country 2025

Volvo hosted an event in Italy this week, during which it officially unveiled the all-new EX30 electric crossover. The automaker also indicated that it will bring the Cross Country version of the EX30 to the market next year, and pre-orders will open once it makes its official debut.

Volvo has electrified many models in its range for years. At one point, it seemed like you could get any car the company sold and equip it with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. While most of those plug-in hybrid electric cars are still around, Volvo is now diving deeper into its future electric car plans.

The Swedish automaker has chosen simple, easy-to-understand names for its next generation of electric cars. Instead of introducing the XC40 and calling the electric version the XC40 Electric, the EX will be used for SUVs in the future. So, the EX30 is a small electric crossover and the EX90 is a much larger three-row electric SUV, about the size of a Volvo XC90.

In any case, the EX30 Cross Country will get a similar treatment to what we’ve seen from Volvo in the past, though potentially with a higher ride height and base cladding over the wheels. We don’t really have anything to compare it to yet, since Volvo has never produced an all-electric Cross Country model. What’s even more interesting is that this will be the first Volvo SUV to get this variant.

according to AutoblogVolvo says the EX30 Cross Country will have front, rear and side skid plates. It will also wear front and rear decorative panels, exclusive Cross Country badging, a Swedish flag, and black 19-inch wheels. Volvo will also offer 18-inch wheels with more off-road-ready rubber.

Volvo hasn’t shared any information about the EX30 Cross Country’s powertrain. It will likely be a dual-motor all-wheel drive system, which is available on the EX30. If it reflects EX30 Dual-motor performance, it will produce 422 horsepower and provide an estimated range of 265 miles Using a 69 kilowatt-hour battery. We’ll have to wait and see what Volvo decides.

Volvo did not announce when it plans to start delivering EX30 Cross Country models, but it confirmed that production should begin before the end of 2024.

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