Volvo XC40 B3. This is how the Swedish SUV performed during the long-distance test

Volvo XC40 B3.  This is how the Swedish SUV performed during the long-distance test

Volvo XC40 B3 stayed in our editorial office for more than three months – from the beginning of June to the first days of September. When announcing this test, we promised that we would test the car in various conditions. We kept our word because we were able to verify not only the suitability of the car for city driving, but also during holiday trips with the whole family.

In addition, we checked the Swedish SUV’s dynamics, driving comfort and, finally, fuel consumption. Real, and therefore not only what was read from the on-board computer, but also verified by filling the fuel tank to the cap.

Volvo XC40 B3 – Journey to Masuria

The Volvo XC40 B3 made its first holiday trip during a trip to Masuria. Testers and passengers (originally there were three people in the car, and later five) appreciated, among other things: high driving comfort, elegant interior finishes, and transportation options.

Although fitting all the equipment into the 452-litre boot (1,328 liters after expansion, but we didn’t use that configuration at the time) required some gymnastics, we managed to fit everything.

Photo: Mateusz Pokorzynski/Otto Swiat

Volvo XC40 B3

According to the manufacturer, the Volvo XC40 B3 reaches 100 km/h in 8.6 seconds, which is not a bad value, but the test driver still complained about mediocre dynamics. Okay, angry young man. However, remember that there were five people in the car and their luggage. It is not surprising that fuel consumption at that time reached 8 l/100 km.

Volvo XZ40 B3 – Road to the Hill

While testing the Volvo XC40 B3, we completed two other holiday trips. The shortest of them went to the Hale Peninsula, but with four people and very large luggage on board. With this configuration, I consider the dynamics sufficient, but I appreciate something else – exceptional peace of mind while driving. The car accelerates freely enough and is exceptionally quiet.

Volvo XC40 B3

Photo: Tomasz Kaminski/Otto Swiat

Volvo XC40 B3

During this trip, I also appreciated the family utility of the Volvo XC40 B3. The interior offers enough space in both rows of seats, and the trunk, although nominally not very large, can be a pleasant surprise.

This is due to the double floor, under which some luggage has disappeared, and the mesh that separates the cargo area from the passenger area. Thanks to this, you can place your holiday equipment under the roof without fear of some of it falling on the heads of passengers during sudden braking.

Volvo XC40 B3

Photo: Tomasz Kaminski/Otto Swiat

Volvo XC40 B3

Volvo XC40 B3 – Time to go abroad

The longest holiday trip was about 5,500 km long, and stretched from Poland to Switzerland and Italy. This time, the tester saw how well the Volvo

Volvo XC40 B3 Plus Dark

Photo: Krzysztof Slomski/Otto Swiat

Volvo XC40 B3 Plus Dark

Similar to previous rides, dynamics were found to be average. Let us remember, however, that this time the journey was made, among other things, through the mountains. During this test, you can read about the sights that the test couple had the opportunity to see. Maybe it will inspire your next vacation…

Volvo XC40 B3

Photo: Krzysztof Slomski/Otto Swiat

Volvo XC40 B3

Volvo XC40 B3 – the city is not afraid of it

The Volvo XC40 B3 is a compact SUV, so it should also be suitable for city driving. The car turns out to be nimble when navigating through crowded streets and you can easily find a parking space that suits our test hero. Fuel consumption is also not excessive, because according to the computer it was 7.3 liters/100 km.

Volvo XC40 B3

Photo: Mariusz Kaminski / Otto Swiat

Volvo XC40 B3

The only thing that didn’t work in town was Apple CarPlay, which only connects via cable. When you get in and out frequently, this type of mounting and dismounting can be annoying.

Speaking about the strengths and annoying solutions of the Volvo XC40 B3, one of our testers tried to find five advantages and five disadvantages of this car. However, remember that the items chosen are a personal arrangement. Some of them may turn out to be insignificant for another driver and do not deserve attention, and there are no more important advantages or disadvantages.

Volvo XC40 B3 – this is how much fuel it actually consumes

Finally, at the end of testing the Volvo XC40 B3, we checked actual fuel consumption. We measured based on driving on our established route, including urban, freeway and freeway sections. This time the result surprised us positively. Average fuel consumption according to the manufacturer is 6.6 l/100 km.

Meanwhile, during testing, gasoline consumption reached 6.7 l/100 km. So Volvo’s promises have been confirmed. Way to go! At the same time, we found a small error in the computer, which after testing showed a value of 7.1 l/100 km.

Volvo XC40 B3 – in our opinion

Volvo XC40 B3 successfully passed the test. It’s not just a great car for city driving, but it’s also the perfect companion for holiday trips. It is true that the 163 hp engine does not allow for a dynamic start from the lights, but its temperament is sufficient for efficient driving in almost all conditions.

Most importantly, it benefits from low fuel consumption and is quiet. The only major reservations we had were the operation of the onboard devices and the way the onboard audio works with smartphones.

Volvo XC40 B3 – Performance

maximum speed

180 km/h

Acceleration from 0-100 km/h

8.6 seconds

Average fuel consumption (WLTP).

6.6 l/100 km

CO2 emissions (WLTP)

150 g/km

Theoretical scope

820 km

Diameter shift

11,8 m

Volvo XC40 B3 – technical data/price


T Benz. R4/16


1969 cc

Maximum power

163 hp at 4750 rpm

Maximum torque

265 Nm at 1500 rpm


Front/Automatic 7

length, width, height

4425/1863/1652 mm


2702 mm

Empty weight

1688 kg


532 kg

Trunk capacity

452-1328 L

Fuel tank capacity

54 litres

Standard price/after retrofit

202,400/236,500 PLN

Volvo XC40 B3 – Equipment

Emergency brakes / 7 airbags


LED headlights


Track maintenance


Power windows/mirrors


Automatic air conditioning/trip computer




Android Auto/Apple CarPlay


Multi-function and heated steering/navigation wheel


Inductive phone charger


Heated and electrically operated seats


The trunk lid is electrically operated


Reverse camera


Lacquer Onyx Black

3400 Polish zloty

Leather seats

8500 Polish zloty

Driver Assistance Package (Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Assist, Rear Cross Traffic Alert)

5400 Polish zloty

Lighting package (headlight washers, fog lights)

1500 Polish zloty

Temporary spare wheel

600 Polish zloty

Tinted rear windows

1,850 Polish zloty

Heated windshield

1000 Polish zloty

20-inch alloy wheels (5-spoke, dual, black diamond cut)

6,250 Polish zlotys

Foldable tow bar

5600 Polish zloty

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