Watch a Lamborghini Huracan get smashed by an SUV after it broke down in the fast lane

Watch a Lamborghini Huracan get smashed by an SUV after it broke down in the fast lane

A Lamborghini and Geely driver discovered how dangerous it is when a car breaks down in the middle of the highway in this terrifying video

30 October 2023 at 16:31

Crashes are never fun, but they’re even less fun when they happen in an expensive car designed to be fun. However, a crash goes from “not fun” to downright scary when it happens on the highway, as a driver in China recently had the misfortune of learning.

In the videos first shared on Weibo, a man can be seen standing next to a Lamborghini Huracan whose door was open. The situation is bad enough already, and what makes it worse is the fact that the car is parked on a large, multi-lane, divided road with little to no shoulder.

Fortunately for the Lamborghini driver, there is a large enough gap between the cars to allow him to run across the road, getting away from the car. Unfortunately for other motorists, he can’t get the car off the road with him.

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Although the stricken car was still able to highlight its dangers, and the driver tried to steer drivers away from the car while he was beside it, the unexpected danger of the car running aground in the fast lane inevitably led to an accident.

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The SUV, apparently unaware of the parked Lamborghini, eventually crashed into the rear of the vehicle. The SUV, identified as a Geely Xingyue L (also known as a Monjaro), appeared to make no effort to slow down before crashing into the rear of the parked SUV.

As expected, the collision was extremely violent, causing the SUV to spin more than 360 degrees across three lanes, and causing fluids to spill all over the road. Meanwhile, the Huracan was propelled forward by the force of the accident, first hitting the center highway, then traveling through the right lanes.

Even though it resulted in a very horrific accident, it’s a good thing at least the median was there to prevent the empty Lamborghini from barreling into oncoming traffic. Meanwhile, the following Audi was able to slow down without also being involved in the accident.

Unfortunately, we do not know how the driver of the SUV fared after this accident. While it may be easy to question the decisions that led to the accident — such as why the Lamborghini driver didn’t stop further or turn to the other side of the road, and why the SUV driver didn’t see the approaching car — we can only hope that May everyone involved be well.

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