Watch Joe Rogan shoot a broad arrow at a Tesla Cybertruck

Watch Joe Rogan shoot a broad arrow at a Tesla Cybertruck

The controversial podcast host tested the controversial truck as its controversial creator stood just meters away

31 October 2023 at 16:59

The controversial trio of Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, and the Tesla Cybertruck recently reunited for another podcast episode. During their conversation, Rogan challenged Musk, pointing out that he could penetrate the exterior of the Cybertruck with a broad arrow. Given Musk’s previous claim that the electric truck is bulletproof, there was a lot at stake when Rogan allowed his video to be filmed.

In the past few weeks, a Turkish cyber truck has been spotted bearing what appears to be a hail of bullet marks on its steel skin. Musk said he unloaded the entire Tommygun clip into that particular truck. He even repeated these remarks early in his discussion with Rogan.

Rogan dared him to let him shoot an arrow at her instead and specifically said “I bet I can get there” in reference to the truck. “I bet you can’t,” Musk said immediately. The two immediately, as if they were boys on the playground, jumped into action and Rogan retrieved a broadside arrow and a 95-pound compound bow.

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Musk reminds the entire room to be careful of the splinters, and Rogan takes up position a few yards from the e-truck. When he lets the arrow fly it hits the door, creating a number of sparks, a small dent, and a few other things. Rogan shows the completely destroyed arrow after the fact. The head itself is flattened and the shaft is split.

Rogan says the 545-grain arrow would likely have flown at 275 feet per second. This equates to about 100 foot-pounds of energy concentrated into a small dot. The fact that it causes minimal damage next to a Tesla is undoubtedly impressive. Interestingly, Musk reveals some other details in the discussion process.

First, the Cybertruck may have bulletproof door panels, but the glass itself isn’t that strong. He says the truck will be available with bulletproof windows, but they will be thick and heavy and won’t roll as well.

From 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds

During the podcast, Musk also said that the “Brutal Mode” version of the Cybertruck has a target 0-60 mph (96 km/h) time of “less than three seconds.” That’s a strong goal considering the Rivian R1T can do it in 3.3 seconds. Getting rid of it by about half a second would be impressive, too.

Image credit: The Joe Rogan Experience

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