Welcome to Plathville Ethan Plath pleads guilty to failing to pay parking tickets in Minnesota amid his breakup with Olivia

Welcome to Plathville Ethan Plath pleads guilty to failing to pay parking tickets in Minnesota amid his breakup with Olivia

Welcome to Plathville star Ethan Plath has pleaded guilty to failing to pay parking tickets in Minnesota, The US Sun can exclusively reveal.

Ethan, 25, and his ex Olivia, 25, just announced their decision to head separate ways on Instagram on October 27.

Ethan Plath is arrested for failing to pay a parking ticketCredit: Ethan Plath/Instagram
The Welcome to Plathville star has just announced that he is separating from his wife, OliviaCredit: TLC

However, fans had suspicions that Ethan and Olivia were in deep water for a while.

The TLC stars moved from Florida to Minnesota in March 2023, and shortly after the big move, Ethan found himself in trouble with the law.

According to court documents obtained exclusively by The US Sun, on March 29, 2023, Ethan was charged with “failing to pay parking costs” by the Minneapolis Park Police Department.

On June 8, 2023, Ethan pleaded guilty and was “found guilty of a simple misdemeanor” by the State of Minnesota.

Ethan paid four separate misdemeanor charges totaling $144 and were fully settled by July 5, 2023.

The US Sun has reached out to Ethan for comment.

Hell on wheels

This isn’t the first time Ethan has had trouble on the road.

The US Sun previously reported on January 25, 2021, that Ethan was stopped in his 1987 Dodge Ram while driving in Georgia, according to a source.

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He was hit with one ticket for suspended vehicle registration and a second for not having proof of insurance.

Ethan was ordered to pay a $250 fine for each ticket.

On October 9, 2018, the TLC star was ticketed for speeding 69 mph in a 55 mph zone, and was ordered to pay a $150 fine.


Ethan’s traffic woes come as he and Olivia announced their separation on October 27, 2023, after five years of marriage.

Each of the Welcome to Plathville stars shared their statements on Instagram.

“Ethan and I have decided to go our separate ways,” Olivia said.

“I have conflicting memories of when we were 18, dreaming of eternal innocence – but the partner you choose is a reflection of the world you want to live in, and at 18 I didn’t know who I was or what kind of life I wanted to make for myself.”

Ethan and Olivia married in October 2018, and their commitment at such a young age shocked their families.

Olivia continued in her post, explaining: “There were good moments and I want to remember and honor them.

“We fell in love as children, and then we parted as adults; we became wiser, older, and braver.”

“It just didn’t work”

“It didn’t work out between us, even though God knows we gave it our all,” Ethan explained in his statement.

“It seemed like we were constantly pulling each other in opposite directions in life with different goals.”

Both spouses wished each other the best in their conclusions.

Rumors had been circulating since late summer that the couple were heading their separate ways.

In September 2023, Olivia personally responded to some comments on social media that denied rumors that she and Ethan had filed for divorce.

Ethan pleaded guilty and paid $144 in fines in July 2023Credit: Instagram/ethan.plath
Ethan has gotten into trouble with the traffic law in the past where he was arrested for speedingCredit: Instagram/ethan.plath
Fans have been speculating about Ethan and Olivia’s breakup for months, as they married when they were just 18 years old.Credit: Instagram

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