What to know when shopping for a car in today’s market

What to know when shopping for a car in today’s market

  • Jeff Drennen Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram has been in Coshocton for 20 years and in the Ford lot for nine. He also has a lot in Zanesville and nearly 100 employees in both cities.
  • New car purchases are down, Drennen said, leading to fewer internal trade-ins and used car inventory being down as well. Drennen is looking forward to becoming a car buyer, whether you get a car from him or not.
  • Crossovers and small SUVs are very popular now with standard white, black or gray options. Navigation is off because most people are on their phones.
  • While the end of the year is thought to be the best time to buy a new car, Drennen said March has always been the busiest time with the end of winter and income tax filings.

COSHOCTON — Locals are particular about what they want when it comes to purchasing a new or used car, and low inventory has made it difficult to find options.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to manufacturers increasing their private label prices, and they’ve been more stingy with rebates, Jeff Drennen said. This leads to fewer people buying new cars and more searching for used cars. However, the lower number of trade-ins means their pre-owned inventory has decreased. This leads Drennen to pursue being a car buyer, whether someone buys a new car from him or not.

Jeff Drennen, second from right, with sales team members Josh Ward, Adam Mills and Jay Scheibler with a Ford Bronco.  Drennen has two lots in Coshocton.  The One One Second Street is a Ford dealership and the Otsego Group carries Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles.

Jeff Drennen Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram has been located on Otsego Avenue in Coshocton for 20 years. Jeff Drennen Ford came to South Second Street nine years ago. There are 40 employees between the two parts, and Drennen also has a dealership in Zanesville with 55 employees.

Both lots are doing well, but sales are not as high as they have been in some past years, Drennen said. He said many across the region are facing the same issues due to some key factors. This includes inventory shortages, rebates and higher interest rates.

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