Why does Lamborghini’s electric future prefer crossovers over sedans?

Why does Lamborghini’s electric future prefer crossovers over sedans?

The automaker says Lanzador fills a gap in its range that misses a sedan and a traditional 2+2.

26 December 2023 at 18:03

Lamborghini is set to enter the world of electric cars with a production version of the Lanzador Concept, which was unveiled earlier this year. This upcoming supercar is not only great because it represents Lamborghini’s entry into the electric car segment, but also because of its unique design, which blurs the boundaries between coupe, sedan and crossover. Now, we have an insight into why Lamborghini chose this distinctive design.

During a recent interview with Autoblog, Federico Foschini, Lamborghini’s chief marketing and sales officer, explained the rationale behind the Lanzador’s unique design. Lamborghini took into account the need for a sedan or 2+2 in its lineup, but chose not to create a traditional sedan for two main reasons.

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“We were exploring opportunities in our portfolio (when we started the project), and there are two sectors that we do not cover,” Foschini said. “One is the sedan segment, the other is the 2+2 segment. It was already clear when we decided to make the Urus instead of the Estoque that the sedan segment is declining, while the SUV segment is rising. The second point is that when it comes “With sedans, it’s a very regional discussion. In China, which is one of the main sedan markets, you need a long-wheelbase car – a chauffeur-driven car. This is not a Lamborghini. This cannot be a Lamborghini.”

Discussing the concept with the publication, Lamborghini design chief Mitya Burkert added that Lamborghini was inspired by the Huracan Sterato’s higher driving position in creating the Lanzador.

“We were working on a Huracán Strato, which has a higher seating position,” he revealed. “There is the exterior cladding, and it looks very solid. “I said the cleaner version of the Sterrato could work perfectly with a 2+2. It’s a spaceship with a higher position.”

Lamborghini did not reveal any specific information regarding the transmission system of the production Lanzador model. However, there is a possibility that it will become the brand’s most powerful model, potentially outperforming the Revuelto with 1,001 horsepower. The expected launch of Lanzador will be in 2028.

Lamborghini design chief Mitja Burkert

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