Will the Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric be launched next month in Pakistan? – Buckwells Blog

Will the Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric be launched next month in Pakistan?  – Buckwells Blog

Toyota Corolla Cross It is one of the most locally assembled crossover SUVs in Pakistan. Indus Motor Corporation (IMC) has invested $100 million in developing hybrid vehicles in Pakistan, and Cross is the first product of this initiative. There have been multiple rumors in the market about the possible launch of the Corolla Cross in Pakistan, but now these rumors are getting closer and closer as Toyota Pakistan has just launched its teaser campaign for the Corolla Cross – covering the features of Toyota’s popular hybrid technology. This already indicates that the Corolla Cross is coming next December!

The teaser, which is widely watched on television and digital channels, covers five key myths in the market and how Toyota Hybrid technology benefits the public. It hints at the Toyota Hybrid logo on the grille and the Hybrid badge – which is definitely a Corolla Cross.

1. More miles, less fuel

This teaser covers the fuel efficiency people will benefit from when they purchase a Toyota Hybrid Electric CSUV – Corolla Cross. Fuel prices are rising in PK, and people are looking for better alternatives – so what’s better than a reliable, locally assembled Toyota hybrid-electric vehicle?

2. Driving towards a greener future

Is a greener future what Toyota is talking about in this teaser? Surely they are paving a new way for hybrid electric vehicles in Pakistan? This environmentally friendly initiative aligns seamlessly with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with a particular focus on addressing concerns related to climate change. The introduction of hybrid electric vehicles promises to reduce emissions, create jobs, and enhance export potential.

3. Leading the hybrid revolution

Toyota has been a leader in hybrid electric vehicles worldwide since the 1990s. Who can forget the mark the Prius left on the world? Now is the time to lead the hybrid revolution in Pakistan with the Corolla Cross!

4. Self-charging hybrid technology

People have long criticized the battery health of hybrid vehicles. Of course, that won’t be the case, as Toyota appears to be ignoring that myth with its commitment to self-charging hybrid technology. We’ll find out more about this when the car is launched.

5. Reliable hybrid after-sales service

We can all trust in the reliable after-sales service provided by Toyota in Pakistan, which has 56 distinguished dealers across the world. Toyota Pakistan is certainly making sure that people maintain their trust in Toyota with their commitment to providing reliable after sales service for hybrid cars as well.

As we eagerly await the arrival of the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric Vehicle in Pakistan, the teaser is creating anticipation and dispelling common myths associated with hybrid vehicles. With its revolutionary features, commitment to fuel efficiency, and dedication to environmental sustainability, the Corolla Cross is poised to leave an indelible mark on the Pakistani automotive scene. Get ready to embrace the future of driving with the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Electric Vehicle, arriving in December 2023.

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