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WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. – A Jamaican native who left his homeland as a young man claims he made Williamsport the “exotic car capital” of central Pennsylvania.

Pursuing the “American Dream” in the region for 15 years, Gavin Gordon has been spotted on the road in recent months behind the wheel of a Maserati or a black Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen, among other vehicles. He has been hitting the streets and showing up at events, and has also been captured in numerous local concert photos on social media.

With nearly $1.5 million already invested in the fleet of eight cars, all of which are uncommon in Pennsylvania, Gordon plans to add more in 2024. New to the lineup is a Chrysler 300 limousine, a model you’re unlikely to see in any Place in Keystone. state.

Gordon’s company, Exotic Luxury Chauffeur Driven, 1936 Frey Avenue, open as of March, provides the only local stretch limousine service, the only “exotic” car rental company in the area and one of the few in Pennsylvania. The closest locations for a similar service are Philadelphia, New Jersey.

Business is booming, Gordon said. “He’s been busy non-stop.”

Social media platforms have played a major role in boosting business. Gordon’s Instagram posts, many of which feature his trips to the Big Apple in cars, have been liked by celebrities like Cardi B. “That’s when you know you’re doing something good,” he said.

Before moving into the luxury automobile industry, Gordon ran an automobile scrapping business for 12 years. He went from one truck to seven trucks until he decided to sell up to pursue a retail venture, which he eventually sold to a competitor.

With that past, people in the community now know him as “the guy (who had) dreadlocks,” he said.

Pictured is Gavin Gordon in front of a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon.

Jamaica to Williamsport

Gordon moved to the United States to be with his mother and lived in New York City for several years, joking that the only thing he enjoyed about living there was the seemingly endless food options.

A self-described “workaholic,” Gordon learned the value of hard work at an early age in Jamaica. The first job he got after moving to the United States was at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in New York, then in security. .

As a medical waste truck driver, Gordon often drove through the central Pennsylvania area. He did not choose to settle in the area until he got a job with HOPE Enterprise and then with Community Services Group (CSG), before starting a waste disposal business.

“Williamsport is a beautiful place,” he said. “It reminds me of Jamaica with all the mountains.”

Exotic car trade

In business for less than a year, Gordon has managed famous WWE wrestlers and football players, the owner of Dave & Busters, and actor and comedian Jeffrey Garcia, among others.

Celebrities tend to gravitate toward Sprinter vans, another addition in the works, Gordon said. “It’s a luxury thing because they’re so cute.” “I will definitely get a Sprinter,” he added.

He also has plans to grow the fleet with cars like Maserati, Lamborghini or Rolls Royce.

Gordon operates mostly as a one-person, “full-service” operation, offering airport day trips, school graduations, wine cruises, concerts, weddings, and dozens of other events.

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