You can now get a subscription to Mack MD Electric Truck – Fleet Management

You can now get a subscription to Mack MD Electric Truck – Fleet Management

Mack Trucks has launched a comprehensive plan, the ElectriFi Subscription, to bundle all Mack MD Electric costs and related needs into one monthly payment.

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Mack Trucks has launched the Mack Financial Services ElectriFi subscription, a usage-based leasing option exclusively for new Mack MD Electric models.

“Together with Mack Financial Services, we developed this unique program to help deploy battery electric vehicles with a solution that gives customers peace of mind,” said Jonathan Randall, president, Mack Trucks North America.

Batch payment

An ElectriFi subscription allows customers to pay for miles driven. Chassis and body, freight, applicable incentives, physical damage insurance, and maintenance costs for the term of the agreement are rolled into one monthly payment for simplicity.

An ElectriFi subscription reduces a customer’s upfront investment while reducing their risk in the long term, with the option to withdraw at the end of the term, Mack said.

The terms are flexible, starting from three years, with the possibility of extension for up to six years.

Information technology and readiness

An ElectriFi subscription also comes with access to Mack’s suite of Uptime services, including IT, Mack OneCall, the company’s 24/7 on-the-go service, and support including access to the Mack Uptime Center.

Mack Trucks unveiled the Mack MD Electric in March and is now starting to take orders.  -Photo: Deborah Lockridge

Mack Trucks unveiled the Mack MD Electric in March and is now starting to take orders.

Photo: Deborah Lockridge


Along with the ElectriFi subscription option, Mack Financial Services also offers the infrastructure for ElectriFi and ElectriFi Lease. Mack Trucks and Mack Financial Services can also advise on infrastructure incentives, the company said.

Mack Trucks said ElectriFi Infrastructure is a turnkey solution available for all purchases or leases. Mack, along with third-party partners, will help customers develop the charging station design, installation and construction and hardware and software needed for new electric vehicle charging facilities. Comprehensive financing is available with this option, provided your vehicles are financed by Mack Financial Services, including a loan of up to 60 months.

Rental program

ElectriFi Lease allows customers to add battery electric vehicles to their fleets with a low upfront investment. Customers can access Mack IT through a Mack Ultra service contract.

Road support

Mack’s Route Support Services team will help customers analyze existing routes, infrastructure upgrades and seamless integration. This offer includes financing options throughout the life cycle and five-year renewable terms.

Service contract

Mack LR Electric can be covered under a Mack Ultra service contract.  -Photo: Wayne Parham

Mack LR Electric can be covered under a Mack Ultra service contract.

Photo: Wayne Parham

The Mack Ultra Service Contract is a comprehensive, five-year standard service contract for the Mack MD Electric and Mack LR Electric models.

The contract includes IT with battery monitoring, high-voltage battery performance warranty, all scheduled maintenance, all preventive maintenance, all repairs except accidents, tires and glass, and towing in the event of an excusable failure to the nearest authorized Mack electric vehicle (EV) dealer ). Mack OneCall is also included.

“Mack and Mack Financial Services have given customers several enhanced financing options that will help support their businesses,” said George Fotopoulos, Mack vice president and head of the E-Mobility Business Unit. “The ElectriFi subscription, other financing options, and the Mack Ultra Service Contract are designed to help remove any hesitation about financing, service and support customers may experience as they electrify their fleets.”

Mac MD Electric

Mack introduced the Mack MD Electric in March 2023. The addition of a zero-tailpipe emissions BEV to Mack’s medium-duty lineup supports the company’s long-term sustainability goals.

The MD Electric is available to order, and like its diesel counterpart, it is available in Class 6 and Class 7 ratings. The Class 6 has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 25,995 pounds, while the Class 7 has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 33,000 pounds. Both models are exempt from the 12 percent federal excise tax (FET).

The MDE6 form does not require a commercial driver’s license to work with non-hazardous loads.

MD Electric is backed by authorized Mack electric vehicle dealers.

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